Can my students create a full website from the blank sandbox?

I would like for my students to create a full (multi-page) website from the HTML/CSS/JavaScript sandbox (or another blank sandbox), but I can’t figure out how to create new pages in that sandbox. I could have them use the multi-page website sandbox, but so much is already done for them in that template. Any suggestions?

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for reaching out! I understand that you want to make the sandbox a little more challenging for the students. What I can suggest is that once you saved the sandbox template, make edits (i.e remove some codes that you want your students to create themselves) to it. You can also add comments to the sections you want your student to modify or develop. You can share the sandbox link to your students and have them “make a copy” of it so the sandbox template will be saved onto their accounts for them to further customize and create their full websites.

For more information on how students can make a copy of your sandbox, please see this BSD Community site post: How do I copy a sandbox?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll always be glad to help.


Hi Margaret,

I hope all is well! You can certainly achieve a multi-page website in BSD Online’s sandbox! The trick is for students to link multiple sandboxes together. Effectively, each page of the website (home, about, contact, etc.) will be a separate HTML/CSS/JavaScript sandbox.

When students create the links in HTML, they’ll want to use the sandboxes’ share links, as opposed to the edit links. Please see this linked guide on generating sandbox share links.

I created this simple example sandbox for reference. Feel free to share with your students.

Looking forward to seeing what they build!
– Mike