How can I change or edit a student's email address if I whitelisted an incorrect one?

Here are the scenarios:

Situation 1. The teacher whitelisted John Cruz’s email address. It was supposed to be but Jane whitelisted instead.

Situation 2. John Cruz has already graduated from the school and he will then lose access to his school-provided email address, He wants to transfer his BSD Account to, his personal email address.

At the moment, for both situations, editing an email address can only be done by a BSD Support Specialist. If you whitelisted an incorrect email address, you can reach out to the support team using Intercom.

You only need to provide the account details of the student you wish to change the email address of and we will do it on our end. After successful updating, we will inform you about the status.

Please send us the following details through chat in BSD Online or email us at

  • Student’s name
  • Current email address
  • Nominated email address

After this, we will get back to you and give confirmation about your request as soon as possible.