How to check student progress on BSD Classroom explained

Whether actual or online teaching, teachers want to see or know what their students are doing in their class. They want every student to learn from each lesson or project they are assigned to.

The BSD Online classroom, not just where you can add curriculums, projects, and students. But it also allows teachers to monitor what their students are doing in real-time.

Various icons can be found on the student dashboard. You’ll be able to check whose in class or who isn’t. Below, we’ll explain what these icons imply.

  1. Active students will be represented with a green dot, students who are logged in but inactive will be yellow, and non-logged in students will appear gray.
  2. PDF icon - the student has access to the PDF content of your classroom.
  3. PDF icon + trees - the student accessed a PDF content of the classroom and is outside of the classroom.
  4. On sandbox mode - the student is currently working on a specific sandbox template.
    For example, Virtual Pet Complete
  5. On a guided project - the student is currently working on a guided project in a specific step
    For example, Eye Chart step 1 out of 12 steps.
  6. Your portfolio - the student is currently on Your portfolio page under Your Dashboard.
  7. Your classrooms - the student is currently on Your classrooms page under Your Dashboard.

Another way to check your students’ progress is by clicking on the profile of the student.

Then this will appear.

Click on the Progress tab. You can see on the Overview the student’s classrooms and percentage of project completion, the projects and sandboxes created outside the classroom (Free time), and all the classroom contents. And by clicking the Open portfolio, you will see your student’s customized sandboxes.

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