How to re-sequence content in a classroom?

You can easily rearrange the contents of a course pack or custom contents in your classroom. Just note that you can only rearrange contents within a folder or group and you will not be able to move content from one group to another. Also, please remember that TechReady and TechNovator contents are pre-made courses with progression to ensure that students learn in sequence and build their knowledge and skills step by step.

For demonstration purposes, we will reorder the contents inside a classroom named Grade 7-II. This demo classroom has the First Steps in Coding contents from TechNovators.

Currently, the contents of the package are ordered as follows:

  • Eye Chart
  • Online Poster
  • My First Website
  • Patterns with Nested Div Elements
  • Trivia Game
  • JavaScript Conversation

To reorder the contents of this package, we need to first go to the classroom. You can drag the contents of this package according to your preferred order. Let’s say that for now, we want to rearrange it in alphabetical order.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the classroom.
  2. Unlock the room content editing by clicking the Lock icon.
  3. Drag the contents based on your preference.
  4. Once done, re-lock the classroom editing mode.

Below is an animation for reference: (8)

If you have further questions about this feature, please reach us through chat in BSD Online.