Introduction to personas

Greetings, My classes are still in the introduction phase of design and the lesson before me uses many gamer examples. Has anyone used something beside games because I’m not that familiar with gaming. Just curious.

Hi Grace, thanks for reaching out!

Personas can be applied to all sorts of real world examples. Let’s take restaurants. Restaurant owners need to imagine the type of customer that will be dining in their establishment. What matters to them? Do they need their food quickly? Does it need to be vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free? Do they come for the atmosphere or to watch a big sports game?

The same types of questions are used by all sorts of businesses from clothing to cars to movies to the latest tech devices.

Try having students identify popular brands and build the personas of their customers. Then, direct students to create a persona for themselves and design products/services for each other.

Let me know if that helps!

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Thanks Mike for your responds. I went with the gamer theme and use further examples like shopping for shoes or clothing. I thought it went well. There are retail websites that will pick out an whole outfit for you after you fill out their questionnaire. Thanks again