Shhh, let the teacher teach

One of the most fulfilling moments teaching code with Launchbox came from teaching at a high functioning autism school. It was with a group of teenage boys in a two hour extra curricular class after school. Shortly into the lesson, I begin to teach game design with a game engine that works with Launchbox (Phaser.js), and almost immediately I noticed all the energy in the room being directed towards figuring out how to make this game we were creating together work. I had a couple students encouraging others to listen to me and eventually had the entire classes undivided attention without having to ask. It was amazing to see all the creativity, excitement, and knowledge spawned from Launchbox curriculum. Some of the quieter kids in the class began asking questions, brainstorming game mechanics, and even asking about other game making resources for outside of class. Can’t wait to see what other ideas come from this group of students!

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