Where is the Export to Sandbox button located

With the new look of BSD Online projects, some of your students might ask where to find the export to sandbox button now that it is no longer visible on the share dialog.

Export to sandbox has a more logical placement now in the project list of steps.

Here is an example of a guided project. Click the steps list to export to sandbox the current step of the project.

Note: Exporting to sandbox is applicable to steps already passed and to the current step. Thus, completion of the project is a must, otherwise exporting the unfinished project shows current incomplete progress as well.


Upon clicking the steps list, hover over the step you want and see the “Export to sandbox” button display.


After you finish a project inside your classroom you can export them in different ways.

From the search bar
Search a project from the search bar, click edit completed project.


Click “Continue classroom” or “Continue outside classroom”.


At the summary step of the project, you can either click the “Continue in sandbox” button from the bottom part of the instruction panel or click the “Export to sandbox” button from the project step list to customize the project further in an open sandbox.


From “Your work” panel
After finishing the project, the completed project will go to “Your work” under the “Completed” section. You can export a project by clicking the 3-dots on the project card and select “Export to sandbox”.


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