Student Account Not Saving

I recently had a student who completed the Eye Chart and Online Poster Projects, and for some reason it will not save her progress. Each time she logs back in and goes to continue the course, it takes her back to the beginning of the Eye Chart Project that she has already finished.

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Hi Sarah, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with your student’s progress. I will follow up with a direct message to gather some details about your specific situation. Once we resolve the issue, I will post back here for anyone else having a similar problem.


Hello Sarah,
Thanks for reporting this.
According to scenario she already completed project, but she reach at the beginning of the project. That’s why we think _

Did the student restart project? (Or) Did the student restore revision history?
May I know some details please?


She did the project twice from what she told me, and when I sat with her to continue the course onto the next project it took her back to the beginning of the first project.

In the course, I have it set that the first project is the eye chart, then the PPT about CSS and HTML fundamentals, and then the Poster Project. As soon as she finished the Poster Project, rather than continuing onto the next project, it took her back to the Eye Chart.

Is there anything else I can try with her and get back to you with?